#ShowUsTheBill Boycott Information

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Led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, leaders in the Republican Senate are trying to do what the House of Representatives did in May: jam through its TrumpCare bill in secrecy, without public hearings, without a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score, and without knowing its full impact on American families. That’s why the time to put on the pressure is now. McConnell refuses to conduct public hearing to give ALL Senators a change to weigh in and represent their constituents, us, the American people.

The Boycott: to fight for healthcare we will boycott McConnell’s top donors every Tuesday starting June 20th continuing until McConnell presents the bill to the entire Senate for debate.

What you can do: contact McConnell’s donors, the companies that supported putting him in office and hold them accountable! 

Sample Tweet: Boycott @fedex Tuesday 6/20/2017 and every Tuesday until @SenateMajorityLdr will #showusthebill #billboycott #StopTrumpCare

Sample Phone Call: As a major contributor to the 2016 McConnell campaign, I am holding FedEx accountable for putting McConnell in office. I plan to boycott FedEx until McConnell presents the bill to the entire Senate for debate.

The Donors:

(Listed with donor name, donor twitter, employee media/relations contact, headquarter phone number)

Blackstone Group
Joan Solotar 212-583-5068 solotar@blackstone.com
HQ 212-583-5068

Jake Siewert 212-902-5400
HQ 212-902-5400

Kindred Healthcare
Susan E. Moss 502-596-7296
HQ 502-596-7296

Humana Inc
Tom Noland 502-580-3674 Tnoland@humana.com
HQ 502-580-3674

DaVita HealthCare Partners
Jessica Geurkink 720-925-3184 Jessica.Geurkink@DaVita.com
HQ 720-925-3184

HQ 800-822-2898

JPMorgan Chase & Co
Joseph Evangelisti 212-270-7438
HQ 212-270-6000

Alliance Resource Partners
Brian L. Cantrell  918-295-7673
HQ 918-295-7600

Citigroup Inc
Mark Costiglio 212-559-4114
HQ 800-285-3000

Fedex Corp
Comment 901-434.8100 ir@fedex.com
HQ 800-463-3339

Peabody Energy
Charlene Murdock 314-342-3400 PR@PeabodyEnergy.com
HQ 314-342-3400

General Electric
Jennifer Friedman 646-682-5614 jennifer.friedman@ge.com
HQ 203-373-2211

American Express
Marina H. Norville 212-640-2832 marina.h.norville@aexp.com
HQ 212-640-2000

Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Will Feest 317-488-6057  William.feest@anthem.comv
HQ 312-690-9681

Berkshire Hathaway
HQ 402-346-1400

Capital Group Capital Group CompaniesCompanies
Abbas Qasim 212-830-0103  Abbas.Qasim@capgroup.com
HQ 212-649-1523

Metlife Inc
Nandika Madgavkar 212-578-5707 nmadgavkar@metlife.com
HQ 800-638-5433

Exxon Mobil
Comment 972-444-1157
HQ 972-940-6000

Apollo Global Management
Gary Stein 212-822-0467 gstein@apollolp.com
HQ 212-515-3200

Delta Air Lines
404-715-2554 media@delta.com
HQ 404-715-2600

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
Jim Lacey 413-744-2365
HQ 800-272-2216

Paul, Weiss et al
John C. Hearn jhearn@paulweiss.com
HQ 212-373-3000

FMR Corp
617-563-5800 fidelitycorporateaffairs@fmr.com
HQ 617-563-7000

Chevron Corp
Melissa Ritchie 925-790-3372 mritchie@chevron.com
HQ 925-842-1000

Elliott Management
Stephen Spruiell 212-478-2017 sspruiell@elliottmgmt.com
HQ 212-974-6000

Capital One Financial
Shelley Solheim 703-720-2500 shelley.solheim@capitalone.com
HQ 703-720-1000

Marsh & McLennan
Daniel Farrell 212-345-3713  daniel.farrell@mmc.com
HQ 212-345-5000